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Bryon K. Smith M.B.A

An experienced marketing leader with deep expertise in new customer acquisition, retention, and growth marketing for business-to-business and consumer segments.

Smith is a strategic and hands-on, results-oriented change agent. Also he is well regarded for his ability to maximize return on marketing expenditures and introduce state-of-the-art processes and best practices.

Prior to becoming a full-time consultant, Smith was Senior Vice President, Manager of Direct Response Marketing for City National Bank in Los Angeles. Smith has over 25 years of record-setting marketing experience in leadership roles with companies such as American Express, ADP, Blue Cross of California and Intuit.

After earning his BSBA from Boston University, Smith earned his MBA from Columbia University. Smith does volunteer work for local shelters and elementary schools in Los Angeles.  He is also an avid single-digit handicap golfer.


Specialties: B2B & B2C, Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation, Revenue Marketing, Direct Response Marketing, Website Optimization, Social Marketing, CRM Implementation and Management, Demand Generation, Email, Web Design, Market Research, Public Relations, Tracking, Reporting, Forecasting, Budgeting, ROI, List Acquisition, Segmentation, Modeling


Bryon K. Smith - MBA

Jeff Campbell

Campbell is a strategic marketing professional with successful track record of generating quantifiable digital, social, direct response & brand results.  He is a  creative marketing executive with expertise in direct response, digital and brand marketing.  Also, Campbell is tech-savvy and deeply analytical.  During his over 20 year career, Campbell has become skilled in consulting, developing strategy and managing; acquisition, retention, cross-sell, up-sell and reactivation opportunities. As a result, world-class companies such as Wellpoint/Anthem, The Kern Organization and West Corporation have benefitted from Campbell’s in -depth knowledge.  He understands purchasing behaviors including business/consumer change indicators, niche markets and customer lifetime value groups for both B2B and B2C.

Campbell shares Griffin Growth Marketing’s passion for helping companies increase revenue and generate leads and grow sales.  He has great abilities to promote products/services, conduct research, lift customer satisfaction, retain customers, enhance visibility and improve their brand.

Campbell possesses a positive, winning, can-do attitude and demanding the highest degree of ethical standards. He gives it his all, listens, cares, works hard, respectful of others and extremely passionate about improving the bottom line.


Specialties: B2B & B2C, Marketing & Sales Plan Development, Direct Response, Brand Awareness, Social, Viral, Email, Banners, Listings, PPC, Web Design, DM, Insert, Print, Radio, Slicks, Brochures, Catalog, Relationships, Partnerships, Forecasting, Budgeting, ROI, List Acquisition, Segmentation, Modeling, Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, Event & People Management, IVR, Text, Mobile Web, VoIP

Jeff Campbell - CMO