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Online Church Marketing and Promotion

How To Grow Your Church Ministry and Deepen Relationships With Visitors

As a Faith leader As A Minister As a Messenger of Christ   You have shared hundreds of sermons, scripture...

Church Website

Are You Using Website Best Practices For Your Church’s Online Ministry?

First, your church website must be easily found. Second, your website needs to represent your church and help accomplish its goals.

Best Practices For Online Churches

Don’t Lose Church Members During The Pandemic! Answer 17 Questions To Win The Online Ministry Battle For Your Church.

It is critical that your online ministry uses best practices.There are many high-quality alternatives members can access if your online ministry is not representing your in-person services

The Empowered Consumer

The Empowered Consumer

The Buyer-Seller Relationship has Changed The buyer-seller relationship has altered dramatically in recent years, and with it, marketing has been...

Church Email Best Practices - Part 3

A Church Email Should Not Be A Sermon… The Close – Part 3

This is part 3 of my critique a church email I received from a well-known Christian online community that is...

Lawyers Too Busy To Get New Clients

For Lawyers Too Busy to Get New Legal Clients

Lawyers still rely heavily on referrals in spite of the new opportunities to acquire new legal clients using inbound marketing....

Church Email Best Practices - Part 2

Church Emails Shouldn’t be Sermons…Above the Fold and in the Middle – Part 2

This is part 2 of my critique one of many church emails I received from a well known Christian online...

Church Email Best Practices - Part 1

A Church Email Best Practices – Part 1

As I stated in my last post I promised I would critique using church email best practices.  I  received the...

Grow Your Church

Want to Grow Your Church Like Rick Warren?

If you want to grow your church, like Rick Warren has grown Saddleback church, then you should talk to a...

Social Media

Do Small Businesses Need to Manage 25 Internet Marketing Services?

Today, I came across this very enlightening article entitled “25 Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses”. Imagine the challenges small...