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Online Church Ministry Growth

We help churches grow by better nurturing their congregation in the digital age.

Bryon Smith Griffin Growth Marketing

Matthew 4:19 (KJV) 19 Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Jesus Christ

"God has blessed me with marketing expertise. As a result that is my favorite scripture in the bible. My mission is to spread "The Good News" in the digital age by helping you to fish where the fish are!"

Bryon K. Smith, MBA - Columbia Univ.
CEO, Griffin Growth Marketing

"Take it from me. Get both because you can't go wrong!"

- Bryon K. Smith

How We Help You Grow

What Are We
Solving For

Increase Church Reach

More local, national and international online outreach. More Church attendance - post COVID-19

Provide Deeper Engagement

Messaging delivery specific to member and prospective member current needs

Increase Donations

More tithing, increased offerings and spiritual giving


Online Streaming

Streaming is superior to Zoom.  We provide audio and video recording equipment, post production, streaming to websites, FaceBook Youtube etc, categorized website posting

Get Google Ad Grant application approved, account set-up, keywords and phrases researched, selected and optimized , landing pages developed, results monitored and reported, and account compliance maintenance.


Social Media & Reviews
Social and Reviews

We create state-of-the-art social media pages on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.  manage your reputation on Yelp, Google, Bing, etc.

Website Optimization

Not only must your website be visually appealing but the words and phrases you sue are extremely important if your church is to be found.  Additionally, the site must be technically compliant for search and Google Ad Grants.

Inbound Marketing

Mass Personalization

Hyper Growth System

6 Minutes - Take Your Ministry to The Highest Level



Small Church WebsiteAre your goals for your church to attract new members (particularly millenials and young families)?  Can you imagine servicing member individual spiritual needs better, raising the church’s public profile, increasing tithes and offerings? If so, we can an automated inbound marketing system may be right for you.

Communication is key to preach, practice, and personify Christ.  However, with the growth of digital channels, online church ministry communication challenges and opportunities have increased.

Most churches have a website, use email, and social media to speak. However, not many take the extra step and listen. Only a few take advantage of the opportunities these tools provide for highly personalized two-way communication.

Our online church ministry communication system helps religious institutions nurture and fulfill their responsibilities to their congregation.

Time consuming? Yes, but our digital and inbound marketing automation system can solve this problem.

How Do We Get You There?

Because no two churches are the same we learn about your church and its goals.  Then we tailor a plan to suit your needs and budgets.  Some of the more requested solutions we provide:

  • An optimized website capturing the spirit of your Church. designed to be found by those seeking the “Good News”
  • Church recording and live-streaming setup to expand outreach to the sick, shut-in, and far away
  • Social platform engagement to spread the word and news about your church activities
  • Reputation and review management on platforms like Yelp, Bing, Google,, etc.

Optimized Church
Live-Streaming Worldwide
Social Media To Spread The Word
Manage Your Church’s Reputation
Pre-Church Service Warmup Video
Example Of A Live-Stream Service
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  • Scoring – Target the most active congregants based on their actions, church participation, donations, etc.  and stay abreast of members who have lost interest

  • Triggered Emails – can be set to automatically send messages after a certain action (visiting a page, viewing a sermon, or set period of time. You can automate “thank you” notes, tell-a-friend,” or “here’s what your donation accomplished” emails. Establish a welcome or onboarding series to nurture new supporters. Set it all up in advance and let smart groups and triggered emails do the work for you.

Let us show you what a great investment our online church ministry system is how it can help you accomplish your goals.  Take advantage of our complimentary “Best Practices Review.”  Our review includes learning about your church and checking best practices you may not be taking advantage of.

For Complimentary Best Practices Review

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8 Point Inbound Marketing Automation System


Strategy First

  • Review and develop a comprehensive strategy to address key ideas, strengths, weaknesses, key performance measure baselines and goals
  • Define audience and map appropriate content to their needs and buying cycle stage
  • Select the marketing automation system appropriate for the firms needs and budget

Content Development

  • Create  series of compelling content to engage and nurture prospects through the sales funnel
  • Track, learn and refine to increase engagement and movement through the sales funnel
  • Create lead recycling and lead nurturing campaigns for non-sales ready-ready leads


  • Create auto-segmentation based on demographics and content consumption
  • Establish criteria for identifying sales-readiness

Web Integration

  • Create web forms and related elements into the website
  • Create landing pages to promote different products and services
  • Connect appropriate 3rd party marketing automation applications

Email Automation

  • Set order of delivery, timing, suspension conditions, dynamic messaging
  • Create testing strategies

Lead Scoring

  • Establish criteria to indicate when a prospect is sales-ready
  • Develop system for hand-off of contacts information for sales follow-up

Sales Process Management

  • Educate salespeople on campaign lead management best practices
  • Develop system for exchanging information about prospect feedback, campaign insights and training

ROI and Campaign Reporting

  • Integrate web analytics to collect visitor information and leads from your various campaigns and channels
  • Create real-time, weekly and daily campaign reports to include visitors, prospects, nurturing paths, etc.

Inbound marketing automation is dynamic and performs best with ongoing management. Furthermore, over time increased ROI can be achieved with multiple campaign tracks, new lead sources and continual message and order of delivery testing. Additionally, it is important to train key staff to get the most form your system.

Is Your Church Eligible For The $10,000 Per Month Google Ad Grant?

Google offers a grant to all non-profits, including churches that enables them to spend $10,000 per month in free advertising on their platform.

Hundreds of churches like yours are already taking advantage of this to add an extra $10,000 per month in their outreach and marketing budget?

Answer a few questions and find out if your church qualifies for the grant. 

Website Creation and Optimization

Your business needs every advantage to succeed in today’s economy. Showcase your business the right way.  

boost web traffic

  • Showcase your business the right way.  We provide web optimization and design that is attractive.  More importantly we focus on creating sites that generate leads and sales.
  • More and more clients and customers are turning to the internet to decide their next purchase. Does your business look fresh and innovative or does it appear tired and out of touch? Let us help you assure your clients that you are the right company for the job. With effective lead capture we can give you the right tools to turn prospects into sales.


    Looking good is not everything. So what do you get when you work with Griffin Growth Marketing? 

    • A four page informational website (more pages can always be added)
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Built on a WordPress Platform
    • Social Media Integration
    • Mobile Platform Supported
Website design


Your website should be as distinctive as your business. We will customize it to ensure your business stands out from the competition.

Website optimization


We optimize websites so they can "be found" more easily on popular search engines like Google and Bing. Being found is critical to being successful online



A website is no good if it doesn't generate business. We work with you to create strategies to turn visitors into customers.

Take Full Advantage of Our Best Practices Review For Your Website

For Complimentary Best Practices Review

By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website