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Online Church Ministry Growth Program

Online Church Ministry for three major tasks

  • Evangelism – To preach Christ
  • Edification – To practice Christ
  • Benevolence – To personify Christ

Communication is key to preach, practice and personify Christ.  However, with the growth of digital channels, online church ministry communication challenges and opportunities have increased.

Most churches have a website, use email and social media to speak. However, not many take the extra step and listen. Only a few take advantage of the opportunities these tools provide for highly personalized two way communication.

Our online church ministry communication system helps religious institutions nurture and fulfill their responsibilities to their congregation.

What Does Online Church Ministry Solve For?

  • Increased tithes, offerings, and spiritual purchases
  • Greater ministerial reach – national and international
  • Deeper engagement with more relevant timely messaging
  • Increased church attendance

How Do We Get You There?

Because no two churches are the same we learn about your church and its goals.  Then we tailor a plan to suit your needs and budgets.  Some of the more requested solutions we provide:

  • An optimized website capturing the spirit of your Church. designed to be found by those seeking the “Good News”
  • Church recording and live-streaming setup to expand outreach to the sick, shut-in and far away
  • Social platform engagement to spread the word and news about your church activities
  • Reputation and review management on platforms like Yelp, Bing, Google, etc.
Optimized Church
Live-Streaming Worldwide
Social Media To Spread The Word
Manage Your Church's Reputation
Pre-Church Service Warmup Video
Example Of A Live-Stream Service
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We Can Take It to An Even Higher Level

  • Progressively Profiling – Uncover each of your audience’s interests, makeup, etc,  for future segmented messaging and reporting.
  • Smart Grouping – Automatically add individuals to specific groups to better target your Christian outreach. Smart grouping enables increased engagement for every communication.
  • Scoring – Target the most active congregants based on their actions, church participation, donations, etc.  and stay abreast of members who have lost interest
  • Triggered Emails – can be set to automatically send messages after a certain action (visiting a page, viewing a sermon, or set period of time. You can automate “thank you” notes, tell-a-friend,” or “here’s what your donation accomplished” emails. Establish a welcome or onboarding series to nurture new supporters. Set it all up in advance and let smart groups and triggered emails do the work for you.

Let us show you what a great investment our online church ministry system is how it can help you accomplish your goals.  Take advantage of our complimentary “Best Practices Review.”  Our review includes learning about your church and checking best practices you may not be taking advantage of.

For Complimentary Church Marketing Best Practices Review

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