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Digital and Direct Response Marketing Keys For Success


Targeted relevant audience


Compelling offer


Valued Info.


Determining who you market to is usually the most important determinant of success in digital marketing.  We have deep expertise in this area.

digital & direct response marketing - compelling offer

We work with you to develop high perceived-value for your prospects and clients that will“convince me to buy.


We work with clients to support your “convince me to buy” offer with “reasons to believe”.  Furthermore, we don’t just say what your benefits are, we back them up with facts, testimonials, endorsements, etc.


Clear call-to-action


Means of response



call to action

We detail what action(s) you want the audience to take.

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We provide appropriate mechanisms (800#, eCommerce, email, etc.) to enable the targeted audience to act!



Furthermore, we do not underestimate the importance of testing, monitoring, learning, improving, and repeating!

The principles of success for using digital & automated marketing are constantly evolving.  Therefore, it is important that companies are not insular in their knowledge of best practices.  


In conclusion, we stay abreast of channels associated with digital & automated marketing which have unique and dynamic evolutionary paths.


Join Griffin Growth Marketing clients who are able to take advantage of our experiences across channels, industries, and company types.