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Who Am I and What Is Griffin Growth marketing?

I am Bryon Smith, owner of Griffin Growth Marketing.   Many years ago I earned my MBA from Columbia University.   I have a history of producing record-setting new customer acquisition, retention and growth marketing for some of the best companies in America.

I am excited to begin blogging about acquiring, retaining and growing business relationships using state-of-the-art marketing.

What Can You do For Me?

I started my company to enable small and mid-sized businesses to access me and my associates’ expertise.  With our background and corporate experience these companies would normally not look to hire someone like us.  However, they can “rent” us for short –to medium term assignments to turbo-charge their marketing to grow their business.   We make sure they have appropriate competitive strategies, are using best practices in their websites, social media, email, direct mail and other marketing channels.  We ensure that they are all communicating a consistent message.

Give Me An Example

My most recent completed assignment was with Final Touch Housekeepers.  The owner has been in business for 17 years and is passionate about house.  She called us because she was concerned about losing business to competitors marketing cleaning services online.  We got her to step back and take a look at her business situation, competition, the current competitive landscape.  Next, we made helped her set a goal and made recommendations to get her to double her growth within the first year.  Finally, we worked with her to develop her competitive positioning, revise and optimize her site for her service area and provided her with social media, Yelp and Angie’s List positioning and direct response marketing.

Who Can You Help?

My ideal client is a company that is passionate about what they do but recognize the need for getting their positioning, competitive strategy right and having someone lead a holistic marketing effort to grow their business.




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