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As a Faith leader

As A Minister

As a Messenger of Christ


You have shared hundreds of sermons, scripture and articles with your congregation of individual saints and sinners as they traverse their journeys through life.

When you preach about “feeling someone is suffering today from marital strife, knowing there is someone in church today who is going through it with their health. Lord I know there is someone here today who needs help with their finances. “

Those who are going through those things feel especially touched like the entire service was speaking to them.

What if members of your congregation and others who cried out in the middle of the night about

• Domestic abuse

• Loss of hope

• The difficulties in raising Christian children

What if they had a place to go for a sermon that speaks to their need in real-time

As they cry out in need of a salve for

• Addiction

• Family problems

• Loved one incarcerated

Let’s provide a place where they can get a word of scripture or an article you’ve written to help them as they deal with

• Worries

• Arguments

• Job Loss

• Sickness

And then automatically followed -up periodically with more spiritual help for each individual’s expressed need

Would this deepen your relationship with your congregation by better ministering to their needs? Will you be able to give honor and glory to the lord for your increase in membership, participation, tithe, and offerings?