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Key Players for Dynamic Inbound Marketing Automation

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Skilled Marketers Required for Inbound Marketing Automation

You may know that inbound marketing automation systems can make it much easier to generate leads, nurture those leads into connected customers, and then evangelists. We are going to discuss the players necessary for a dynamic inbound marketing automation operation. The inbound marketing automation can manage your pay-per-click advertising, social media, and blog posts, and send out emails. However, you cannot simply set it on autopilot and expect to be successful.

Good marketing is still essential. Just as you would not want a butcher or a baker to be your doctor or lawyer, you don’t want anyone who is not a marketing expert to manage your inbound marketing automation. All marketing efforts must change over time, and automation systems are designed to be dynamic for that reason.

It is important that you have trained staff to update and provide ongoing management for your inbound marketing automation system. There are several key players you will need to have in place to ensure you are getting the most out of your automated marketing system.

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Content is King in Inbound Marketing Automation

The most important thing to remember about marketing today is that fresh content is king. You must have fresh, interesting, engaging, informative, and compelling content to draw in new customers and retain loyal customers. This content is what establishes your company as an expert in your niche and entices consumers to view your marketing messages while they are researching products and services that you provide.


To that end, in addition to a marketing expert, you will need a staff member or two that are experts are creating this type of content for social media, blogs, and websites. Your social media expert should also have knowledge of when the best time to post for the highest traffic level might be. Both your social media expert and your content writer should be well versed in how to write engaging content that encourages comments, likes, and shares. The more of this type of activity around the internet the more likely consumers are to find your website and marketing messages in their search.

You will also need a good copywriter on staff to write emails that will be both informative and compelling to the readers. People are more likely to open an email that provides them with necessary or desired information than they are to open an email that is obviously a sales message. Your copywriter must be skilled in creating subject lines that are not misleading but convince the reader to open the email. They must then be able to create email messages that provide valuable information, further setting up your company as an expert in your niche. The email message should compel the reader to make a purchase, but not in such a way that the email is obviously for that purpose. The main purpose of any marketing content should be to inform and empower, with the sale being the obvious outcome of such behavior.

Keywords And Content Must Be Aligned

Management Just as fresh content is king, so are fresh keywords. The words and phrases that people use to search for products and services can change from day-to-day. It is important that you have an expert on staff that knows how to perform keyword research. This individual will keep an eye on trends for the keywords you are using and similar keywords that may be getting more traffic.

All of this information and content can be put into your inbound marketing automation system and used to collect leads, market to them, inform and empower them, and convert them into customers.

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