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Inbound Marketing Automation

Regardless of the size of your company or institution inbound marketing automation offers tremendous opportunity.  Marketing Has Changed – The Empowered Consumer


  • Consumers research your product/services before deciding who to buy from and before your marketing reaches them
  • Competitive advantage goes to the provider who engages and empowers consumers with product expertise
  • An inbound marketing automation system can establish your company as the category expert

The empowered consumerAre your firm’s goals to attract new clients, cross-promote, launch a new product, own a niche or raise it’s public profile? If so, we can develop an automated inbound marketing system that’s right for you.

Are you effectively growing and managing your database of contacts for rainmaking activities? If true It is critical to listen to and provide personalized responses to your clients and prospective customers. Otherwise, you are missing out on a potential treasure trove of repeat business and referrals.

Time consuming? Yes, and our digital and Inbound Marketing Automation System can solve this problem.

8 Point Inbound marketing Automation System


Strategy First

  • Review and develop a comprehensive strategy to address key ideas, strengths, weaknesses, key performance measure baselines and goals
  • Define audience and map appropriate content to their needs and buying cycle stage
  • Select the marketing automation system appropriate for the firms needs and budget

Content Development

  • Create  series of compelling content to engage and nurture prospects through the sales funnel
  • Track, learn and refine to increase engagement and movement through the sales funnel
  • Create lead recycling and lead nurturing campaigns for non-sales ready-ready leads


  • Create auto-segmentation based on demographics and content consumption
  • Establish criteria for identifying sales-readiness

Web Integration

  • Create web forms and related elements into the website
  • Create landing pages to promote different products and services
  • Connect appropriate 3rd party marketing automation applications

Email Automation

  • Set order of delivery, timing, suspension conditions, dynamic messaging
  • Create testing strategies

Lead Scoring

  • Establish criteria to indicate when a prospect is sales-ready
  • Develop system for hand-off of contacts information for sales follow-up

Sales Process Management

  • Educate salespeople on campaign lead management best practices
  • Develop system for exchanging information about prospect feedback, campaign insights and training

ROI and Campaign Reporting

  • Integrate web analytics to collect visitor information and leads from your various campaigns and channels
  • Create real-time, weekly and daily campaign reports to include visitors, prospects, nurturing paths, etc.

Inbound marketing automation is dynamic and performs best with ongoing management. Furthermore, over time increased ROI can be achieved with multiple campaign tracks, new lead sources and continual message and order of delivery testing. Additionally, it is important to train key staff to get the most form your system.

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