Online Church Ministry Growth Program

In serving all generations everything the Church has been
asked to do can be classified under one of three categories.

  • Evangelism – To preach Christ
  • Edification – To practice Christ
  • Benevolence – To personify Christ

Online church ministry

Communication is key for the church to fulfill their evangelism, edification and benevolence responsibilities. With the growth of digital channels, online church ministry communication challenges and opportunities have increased.

Most churches have a website, use email and social media to speak. Many take the extra step and listen. Only a few take advantage of the opportunities these tools provide for highly personalized mass two way communication.

Our online church ministry communication system helps religious institutions nurture and fulfill their responsibilities to their congregation.


Online Church Ministry System Deliverables:

  • Progressively Profiling – Uncover each of your audience’s interests, demographics, etc, and assign them tags for future segmented messaging and reporting.
  • Smart Grouping – Automatically add individuals to specific groups to better target your Christian outreach. Therefore, you can increase engagement and won’t need to create a new list for every communication.
  • Scoring – Determine and target the most active congregants using a numerical scale based on their actions, church participation, donations, and other criteria. Also, stay abreast of which of your congregants have lost interest by setting the score to degrade over time
  • Triggered Emails – Also known as nurture programs, with triggered emails you can set parameters to automatically send messages after a certain action (visiting a page, clicking on, viewing or purchasing a sermon, or set period of time. You can automate “thank you for action,” “don’t forget to tell-a-friend,” or “here’s what your donation accomplished” emails. You can also establish a welcome or on-boarding series to nurture new supporters. Set it all up in advance and let smart groups and triggered emails do the work for you.

Resulting in:


  • Increased tithes, offerings, and spiritual purchases
  • Greater ministerial reach – national and international
  • Deeper engagement with more relevant timely messaging
  • Increased church attendance

Therefore, an online church ministry system developed by Griffin Growth Marketing is a great investment to help accomplish your goals.

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