Inbound Marketing Automation For Schools, Colleges and Universities

Regardless of budget, marketing automation for schools offers tremendous opportunity for colleges and universities.

  • Real-time
  • Personalized mass communication
  • Responsive to student/donor actions
  • Use compelling in-house content
  • Engaging
  • Measurable


More Donations From Marketing Automation For Schools

Use your marketing data to identify target donor segments, develop personas and attract constituents to inbound channels for trigger-based access to content of interest from the school . The result will be increased engagement, more donations and championing of our causes to like-minded potential donors.

More High-Quality Student Enrollment

Increase the application and enrollment rates of highly qualified prospective students from in-state, other states and other countries.

Our digital and Marketing Automation for schools can solve this problem.


  • Progressive Profiling

    Uncover each prospective student and donor’s interest, demographics, readiness stage etc, and assign them tags for segmented messaging and reporting.

  • Smart Grouping

    Automatically add individuals to specific groups to better target content to increase engagement and eliminate the need to create a new list for every communication.

  • Scoring

    Determine and target the most active prospective student or donor using a numerical scale based on their actions such as content consumption and other criteria.

  • Triggered Emails

    Set parameters to automatically send messages after a certain action (visiting a page, clicks, downloading content), or set period of time.

Resulting in:

  • Increased qualified student enrollee and increased donations


  • Reaching more students and donors in less time


  • Continuously generate referrals


  • Increased engagement with more relevant timely messaging


  • Repurposed high-quality content to enhance your college or university web presence

Automate “thank you for action,” or “tell-a-friend,” emails. Establish an on-boarding series to nurture new students and donors. Set it all up in advance and let smart groups and triggered emails do the work for you.

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