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The Empowered Consumer

GuruMarketeer WorkingThe Buyer-Seller Relationship has Changed

The buyer-seller relationship has altered dramatically in recent years, and with it, marketing has been forced to change as well. Since the internet found its way into homes in the mid-1990’s consumers have become more and more empowered. The empowered consumer wants information and arms themselves with knowledge about products and services they want and need long before they make a purchasing decision.

With smartphones and new apps, the empowered consumer has even more power at his/her fingertips. They can go to a store and scan the barcode of an item and immediately see prices for many different retailers. They could be pointed to any number of websites or companies that offer that product or service. This feature of smartphones is great for the consumer because they don’t have to physically shop around, but it can be challenging for the company and the marketer.

Empowered ConsumerThe fact of the matter is that the empowered consumer often knows exactly what they want and are already researching it before they are ever exposed to your marketing messages. The key to successful marketing today lies in leveraging the internet and all of its resources to be the first source for the consumer searching for a product or service.

Website, Blog, Content, and Social Media Are Tools Not the End-All Be-All

All businesses today understand the importance of having a prominent web presence. You have to be high in the search engine listings, promote your site or blog through pay-per-click advertising, take advantage of social media and use other digital tools to send your customers marketing messages that will establish you as the leader for those products and services in their eyes.

In the past building a website, optimizing it for search engines, managing pay-per-click campaigns, and managing social media and blogs was extremely time-consuming. It required many employees countless hours to maintain. While some individual attention is still required for writing blog posts and social media posts, the vast majority of this process can now be automated.

Bring It Together With Inbound Marketing Automation and Best Practices Marketing

Digital inbound marketing automation systems allow you to stay ahead of the game without a lot of resources poured into the project. With an inbound marketing automation system, your pay-per-click advertising is monitored, scheduled, and managed automatically with little prompting unless changes need to be made. You can write social media and blog posts and schedule them to be posted with the automation system. You can also create a lead generator on your website or blog so that people can enter their email address for additional information, then receive automated emails.

Of course, the key to making marketing automation systems work is the content that you provide through the system. Your content has to place your company as “the expert” in your niche. The more useful information you provide your consumers about your industry, product, or service the more likely they are to click your link, read your content, sign up for your emails, and ultimately become customers. Marketing messages can no longer be short and catchy. They must be detailed, informative, and compelling. A smart marketer’s goal is for the consumer of his/her content to say “you know a lot about this. Please help me ….”

A good team of professionals to create content combined with an amazing inbound marketing automation system will bring your company to a new level of success. You will be able to stay a step ahead of the competition, gaining the trust of consumers before they ever buy. Combined with a good product or service and excellent customer care, you will build customer sales and loyalty faster than ever before.

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