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Griffin Growth Marketing – Helping Companies Acquire and Retain Customers

At BILMBA we have a 10 stage process to help our clients grow their business. We have a money back guarantee to ensure our clients are satisfied with our services. Call us to get started today. While you are taking care of your business we can start making it grow faster with the following program that will work for you even while you sleep.

Compare your firm's marketing to the best practices of highly successful companies

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Stage 1: Get to Know Your Business – S.W.O.T Analysis

We get to know you and your business before we can help you accelerate its client growth and retention. We uncover your company Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. We can prepare a comprehensive Marketing Plan presentation you can use for raising capital, aligning your employees, or simply to retain as a cornerstone of your growth planning. Or, if you want to save time and money we can simply use what we learn to turbo-charge your acquisition and retention marketing.

Stage 2: Develop Your Competitive Strategy

Next, we use the learning from our S.W.O.T analysis to devise a competitive strategy. We uncover, sometimes create, and decide which competitive advantage(s) in product, service, distribution etc. to distinguish our client’s offering from the alternatives. In this stage we also decide who we will target (segmentation) and develop personas representing those segments. We use t he personas to keep us focused on delivering messages that are relevant to them. Here we determine how and where we will market the products and/or services (online, social networks, email, direct mail, telemarketing etc.).

 Lifecycle Marketing

Stage 3: Attract New Prospective Traffic

We have to generate awareness of your company and your product or service before you can start capturing interested leads. The “traffic” may come to you through website visitors, phone calls, in-person visits, Pay-Per-Click ads on Google or Facebook, social media activity, partner referrals, print ads, networking, live events, or any number of other methods. We will optimize your website by creating a new one or updating your existing site. We will work with you to develop a social strategy, profiles and ads (follows, Likes etc.) using FaceBook, Twitter Google+ or whatever is appropriate for you business. Once you get the word out about your company and gain people’s attention, you can begin to capture their contact information and follow up.

Stage 4: Capture Leads

Next, you need to maximize the traffic you attract. Only a small portion of your leads will become customers right away. The rest will take time to explore their options and think about their needs before they make a purchase decision. We will provide you a system to follow up with leads so that they come to you when they are ready to buy. We may create a free offer that has value (i.e. ebook, video, free trial), then use a web form to capture contact information from the leads who sign up and feed it into your lead database. When a person converts from an anonymous website visitor to a lead, a contact is created in your database.

Stage 5: Nurture Prospects

Prospects who sign up for more information or a free offer are essentially “raising their hand” to learn more about how your products and services will satisfy their need or solve their problem. Once you capture their contact information and feed it into your database, you can use campaign sequences to send educational, persuasive messages to prospects and maintain their attention until they are ready to buy.

Stage 6: Convert Sales

As your prospects move closer to buying, the follow-up messaging should change and / or your direct sales team should engage to close the deal. We can automate these communication changes based on the ways prospects engage in your nurture process and can automatically create opportunities for your direct sales team when the time is right. When a prospect is ready to buy, our e-commerce tools make it easy for them to place an order. When they do, we can automatically transition update the contact to send relevant customer follow-up communications.

Stage 7: Deliver & Satisfy

After the sale, it’s time to deliver the goods and create happy customers. We make sure you don’t drop the ball here. We will help you deliver a top-notch fulfillment experience and automatically follow-up to make sure new customers are completely satisfied. This stage may include sending a product in the mail, enrolling someone in a subscription service, or completing a personally delivered service.

Stage 8: Upsell Customers

Establishing a remarkable customer experience makes it easier for you to earn repeat business from your existing customers. We can automates the upsell process so that you can periodically offer complementary products or services to your customers and make it quick and easy to buy from you again. You maintain customer respect and interest by sending relevant offers that are related to the interests they’ve expressed in the past.

Stage 9: Get Referrals

A Lifecycle Marketing strategy wows prospects and customers at every touch point. It will naturally lead to referrals from customers, related businesses, and industry leaders. You just need a way to enroll referral partners into a program that will motivate and reward them for the business they send your way.  Ask us to design a separate campaign for potential partners, that incorporates the principles of Lifecycle Marketing and incorporates goals and sequences designed specifically to develop partner relationships.

Stage 10: Track, Listen and Learn

We will track every touch point in our marketing system to continually learn how your assets are working. Whether it is a FaceBook ad, an email, direct mailing or pay Per Click campaign we measure their impact on your results and can continually test new ways to improve performance. With our system you will learn how prospective and current customers are reacting to your marketing. We can provide reports, available on demand, to educate clients on how your business is growing.

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