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Our CEOBryon K. Smith M.B.A Educating the MarketAbout Your Good Work Are You Ready We Are Ready
Our CEOBryon K. Smith M.B.A
I personally review everything that we produce and ensure every i is dotted and every t is crossed.
Educating the MarketAbout Your Good Work
We put your best foot forward!
Are You Ready
We Are Ready

About Us

ROI Marketing

I am Bryon Smith, owner of Growth Griffin Marketing. I have a history of producing record-setting new customer acquisition, retention and growth marketing for some of the best companies in America.

I started Growth Griffin Marketing to help successful small and mid-sized businesses and organizations achieve their next level of growth goals.   Our mission is to help clients substantially increase their customer acquisition, retention and depth of relationships..  .  

Our ideal clients are passionate about what they do and recognize the need for a holistic marketing effort to grow.  These clients have proven business concepts and want marketing expertise without adding FTE’s.  We also add significant value by complementing clients with existing marketing expertise. 

Marketing Expertise
For the next level of growth

Marketing Consulting

We learn what makes you unique, the challenges you face and uncover growth opportunities.

Strategy & Execution

We create a roadmap and the manage the details to educate your market about your good works.

Become Successful

Our focus is on providing you with an outstanding ROI on your marketing.

Our Services

What We Bring To You

Best Practices Marketing Review

Extensive audit of your current marketing for best practices.

Marketing Strategy

Identify and leverages your competitive strengths and solve for weaknesses.

Automated Marketing

The latest tools to help you nurture prospects to becoming customers and convert customers into high ROI clients.

Search & Social media

Determine which search and social media platforms will provide you with good ROI, plan, and execute winning strategies.

Content Marketing

Content is king” in the world of online marketing, and search engine marketing. The text in particular is central to the success of a website and digital marketing.

Website Design & Optimization

Create the design and the content to attract and convert visitors into leads and leads into sales.


Three Operating Premises

Premise 1:  You and your organization are experts and are interested in being known and trusted for your expertise

Premise 2:  You and your organization are not as expert in marketing as you are in providing your product or service

Premise 3: Top-notch best practices marketing can help you grow your business

Developing A Winning Strategy
Solution Execution
Bryon K. Smith - MBA

Bryon K. Smith M.B.A

CEO, Growth Marketing Consultant

“It is imperative to utilize marketing expertise, the lifeblood of growth for most businesses.  If you are not growing you may be dying.”

The Top 3 Reasons Companies Ready For the Next Level of Growth

Stay The Course

Reason #1:  We are too busy to turbo-charge our marketing.

Are you too busy to make sure your company has the right goal and strategies to effectively compete in a changing landscape?

Reason #2:  We are doing fine and if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

Ask the former owners of the local bookstores, hardware stores, and travel agencies about complication 2.

Reason #3:  We cannot afford to recruit, hire and train marketing professionals

You don’t have to recruit, train, or supervise us and we are worth the investment for organizations that want to go to the next level of growth.

Our Valued Clients